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That's right. To help you find the best hookup sites that gel with your personality and your circumstances, we've put together the only online dating quiz you'll ever need in your life. No one knows better than us how hard it can be choosing the best hookup site for you, so we've taken the hassle out of finding your perfect platform.

No longer do you have to go through the trial and error process of testing EVERY hookup site under the sun. You don't have to waste money on premium subscriptions just to find out that a certain dating app is a total ghost town. Better still, you don't have to waste valuable time scrolling through endless profiles of women who have no intention of fucking you anyway.

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When it comes to dating sites, there's plenty of choice out there, but making that choice is never as easy as it seems. Quite simply, you have two options. You can try out every single dating site for yourself and hope that you find the one that works for you. Or you can pick one at random and hope for the best.

Yeah, doesn't sound so great does it? But fortunately, we're here to help you out. We've got the perfect way to help find the dating site, hookup site or sex site that will allow you to thrive and get the most from your online dating experience. Interested? Then read on and we'll tell you everything you need to know.

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Why use our quiz?

Every hookup site is different. Sure, they all exist with the sole aim of getting you in the pants of a hot stranger, but that's just the baseline. When it comes to your perfect hookup app, there's lots more criteria to consider to ensure that your sex life is ramped up to the maximum.

When you take our dating site quiz, we take everything into account about your life and your character. Don't believe us? Here's what our dating app quiz will take into account when assembling your results:


Why is personality important when it comes to hooking up? You're just looking for a vagina to fuck, right? Well, while that's true to an extent, finding someone who fits your personality will make the hook up experience much smoother for both of you. Not to mention that you'll connect on an interpersonal level which will then translate better to the bedroom.

Sexual Experience

If you haven't been around the block a few times, you don't want to dive right into a world of horny young babes who want nothing more than to devour your cock. The sex you have will be better if you match with women of a similar experience level. You'll both feel more comfortable with each other and that will make for better and more enjoyable sex together.


Perhaps the most important element when it comes to finding your ideal hookup site, location can be the difference between a revolving door of sexual partners or endless nights alone watching Pornhub. Certain dating apps fair well in certain parts of the world, especially the more niche platforms like BeNaughty and No Strings Attached. Luckily, we know the best sex dating sites for your area.

Sexual Preferences

Of course, it's important to match you with people who match your sexual desires. But this goes beyond just straight, gay or bisexual. For example, some people might be looking for multiple partners at once, or you might be a couple yourself looking for a third party to add to your sex games. Sexual preferences and genders are broader than ever in the modern age, so it's important to find a hookup site that reflects that.

Open Mindedness

An open mind is crucial when it comes hooking up. When you keep your options open, more possibilities flood in. You might never have had a threesome in your life, but is it something you'd be willing to do? What about sleeping with a woman who's married, or hooking up with saucy chick into BDSM? Our quiz assesses your capacity for new things and new experiences and suggests hookup apps accordingly.


Obviously, appearances are a big deal when it comes to the world of online dating. But you might be surprised to learn that it's not the shredded gym rats who get all the female attention on hookup apps - far from it. When it comes to a one night stand, women don't want a vain musclehead who's going to be staring at himself in the mirror the whole night. Our quiz will take your appearance into account and the best casual dating app that works for you.
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Our quiz won't take up much of your time. Simply answer a few multiple choice questions and we'll suggest you a top dating or hookup site that will increase your chances of getting laid significantly. In fact, we'll suggest you more than one, giving you ample opportunity to score with a local hottie tonight.

Don't waste time scouring through every dating site yourself - there's absolutely no need! Not when our ultimate quiz is right here to take today. Not only will it save you months of hard work, but it will save you an absolute fortune in premium membership subscriptions too. Our quiz will first suggest you a totally free hookup platform to save you time, money and effort. So ditch the porn, put on your dancing shoes and get ready to elevate your sex life to heights you never thought possible!
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Here's the best hookup sites that made the top list.

Our quiz will scour the best hookup sites the internet has to offer. We have several hundred in our database ready to recommend to you based on your matches, but there are a handful of casual sex sites that always a sure thing. Here are the best online dating sites available right now.

Adult Friend Finder

There's nowhere quite like Adult Friend Finder. As a hookup dating site that has withstood the test of time, Adult Friend Finder is still going strong even 25 years after it first arrived on the scene. Now something of a hookup community, AFF is a place to make new friends, new connections and find easy casual sex.

It works like a traditional dating site, only AFF boasts a number of useful features that make meeting new people a total joy. Chat rooms, dating forums and personal ad pages just to name a few, AFF is a one-stop hub for all your casual hookups needs. With a user base consisting of 10 million worldwide, it's a favorite dating site for those who want to combine mainstream dating app appeal with elements of social media connectivity.


Seeking something a little different? If so, Seeking is a free hookup site that facilitates sugar relationships. That is, sugar daddies, sugar mommies and sugar babies. Basically, people who are happy to strike up relationships of a transactional nature, trading sex, money and companionship for various luxuries.

Sugar dating is nothing new, and given the sheer number of active users on Seeking, sugar dating is bigger than ever in 2021. For men, Seeking is a place to find easy lays providing you have the money to back it up. It's not a place for one night stands or one-off casual encounters, but it's one of the best platforms to find a hot young chick to have regular sex with. Just be prepared to have to shower her with lavish gifts.

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is a hookup website with a difference. Not content with connecting singles together, Ashley Madison is a place for married women to find someone to cheat on their husbands with. It promotes affairs, infidelity and of course, plenty of discretion to boot. If you're looking for a cheating wife to spend the night with, Ashley Madison should be your first point of call.

A premium membership is required to get the most from this dating website, but it's worth it considering what it offers. One major advantage is that these cheating babes love nothing more than an impulsive fuck. That means they're quick to jump at any opportunity to bed someone, so providing you're there to offer your services, there's an easy one night stand on offer.


HUD is here to put the anonymity back in hooking up. These days, every little detail of everyone's lives is plastered all over the internet, and adult sites are no different. It's not uncommon to find millions of pictures and paragraphs of information in various dater's profiles no matter what app you're on. But HUD scales things back in a very sexy way.

Here, there are no names and no pictures. HUD is 100% anonymous. Put in your age and location and you'll be matched with someone of the opposite sex in your city, and from that point on it's up to you to exchange pictures or videos as you wish. It might seem like risky business, but HUD actually reports incredibly high success rates from its million-plus users.

Secret Benefits

Seeking isn't the only sugar daddies app on the scene. Secret Benefits recently exploded onto the app store and has enjoyed equally as much success as any other sugar daddy app, not to mention that Secret Benefits include a number of fantastic features that make it a platform well worth checking out.

The first is that Secret Benefits has a strong female to male ratio brand overview. There are much more women on Secret Benefits than there are men, something that makes any dating app seem very appealing indeed. Additionally, female user base tends to be on the older side on here. Most sugar relationship sites tend to be overflowing with 18-25 girls, but on Secret Benefits the ladies average around 35.


Shameless dating like you've never seen before - that's how Pure brands itself. Pure is the place to go if you're looking to indulge your deepest, most perverted sexual fantasies, whether it's roleplaying, getting kinky, or pretty much anything else along the spectrum of sexual exploration. Pure is a hookup app that takes things to the next level with its open-mindedness and versatile nature.

While its user base is kept slim and streamlined, Pure still boasts around a million members worldwide, most in the 25-45 age group. It's a scroll-based dating site with a video chat feature, extensive search feature and a free version to trial before committing to a premium membership. It's a super fun site and perhaps the best dating site to find someone to act out your ultimate fantasies with.

No Strings Attached

You know exactly what to expect with a name like No Strings Attached. This hookup site goes in for the kill right from the off, promoting casual encounters, one night stands and friends with benefits arrangements to its million-strong user base. With video chat features and a strong female to male ratio, NSA is on its way to becoming the best hookup app of 2021.

The only downside is that No Strings Attached doesn't offer free memberships, even for women. There's a free version available to trial but if you want to make the most of the platform, you'll need to shell out for the paid subscription. However, we can definitely vouch for No Strings Attached as while it might be a little on the obscure side, it's already proven to get results.
😈 is a casual dating site for those involved in alternative lifestyles. That means BDSM practitioners, swingers, fetishists, and basically anyone who prefers something other than vanilla sex. offers a thriving community for kinksters to meet like-minded people who share their penchant for perversion.

Unlike other alternative platforms, puts a heavy focus on promiscuity. On sites like Fetlife, you won't really find fetishists looking to hook up as such, but on you absolutely will. This place tends to attract the younger users in the alternative scene who are more likely to act on impulse and meet up with a total stranger for kinky fun.


Tinder might be the most famous casual dating app of all, its name now synonymous with hookup culture the world over. Once upon a time, Tinder was the go-to platform to find a one night stand or friends with benefits, and while that's still true, Tinder is now a more all-encompassing casual dating app that appeals to relationship-seekers too.

With that said, Tinder should definitely be high on your list of apps to check out. The swipe system is still in full effect and offers unlimited matches completely for free, and the sheer number of men on there makes it the best hookup app for women by a country mile. You might have to weed through a few people until you find the person you click with, but given the vast user base, it's a pretty easy feat to accomplish.


Bumble works like Tinder, only with a gimmicky twist. When you match with someone on Bumble, it's up to the woman to make first contact. Not only that, but all conversations disappear after one hour. That means you and your new match are on a time limit to get things going, and more often than not, that leads to some impulsive hookups.

But with Bumble, you're only given a handful of matches per day, thus removing the distraction of endless swiping for something better. As a hookup site brand overview, it works extremely well because it's solved the issue of quantity over quality, something which nearly all dating apps suffer from. Even better still, the female to male ratio on Bumble is heavily in favor of the ladies.


Thursday is all about spontaneity, and its aim is to completely overhaul the dating system in a new and creative manner. The devs behind Thursday believe that we all spend far too much time on hookup sites, and so Thursday only allows users to use its platform on Thursdays. It seems a little crazy at first, but Thursday is one of the hottest new apps in 2021.

It makes sense. If they assign a designated hookup day, more women are going to wake up on Thursday morning with the idea of hooking up already on their mind. That means they'll be more receptive to messages and more open to taking chances. This naturally lends itself very well to casual encounters and impulsive sex.

Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish is one of the oldest and best hookup sites in the game, pretty much revolutionizing casual sex culture when it exploded into the mainstream around 2008. Ever since, POF has remained at the top of the pile, continually introducing new features and upgrades that other sites struggle to compete with. It could very well be the overall best hookup site around.

Why? Well, POF has a whopping 30 million plus users on its platform, the majority of which are on the hunt for casual relationships. But with that said, POF has since rebranded to come a more all-rounded casual dating site, now appealing to people looking for something more substantial or a serious relationship. There's also a dedicated mobile app to help match with potential partners on the go.

Reddit R4R

Reddit R4R isn't really a sex dating site as such. It's actually a subreddit that functions as a personal ads page, like Craigslist or Doublelist. You might not think of Reddit as a place to find a one night stand, but not only does it offer a very active platform to post your personals, but Reddit R4R also has a number of advantages over a regular hookup app.

The first is that you don't need to message anyone yourself. Once you've posted your ad, potential partners will come to you. The second is that Reddit R4R has an active community and an extremely detailed search function, allowing people to find your ads even months after they've been posted. That means hookup opportunities will continue to arrive in your inbox as the weeks roll by.


Grindr might be the favorite dating tool of the gay community, but is the best hookup app to get you laid with a hot gay guy today? Maybe, but coming in a close second is Scruff, a place to meet buff, hairy gay guys who want to control and dominate. If you're a gay submissive, you'll absolutely love this gay hookups paradise.

When you sign up, Scruff assigns you one of two roles: top or bottom. This is pretty self-explanatory and helps you find gays who'll be the yin to your yang. Scruff tends to attract the larger, 'bear' type gay men with big beards, hairy chests and bulging muscles, so if that's your idea of a dream man, this is the best hookup site to check out.


Had enough of single-person sex? Looking to take things to the next level? Then 3Somer provides in spades. As you can tell by the name, 3Somer is all about multi-person sex, offering itself as a platform for couples to find willing partners to join their sex games. Or you might be a single person looking to join another couple for fun. Whichever it is, 3Somer will welcome you with open arms and open legs.

When you sign up, simply select your standing from the drop down menu. There's also a nice long list of interests to pick from (like whether you'd be up for taking part in an orgy of strangers), allowing potential threesome-seekers to search for you and make contact. And believe us when we say that you'll be amazed at exactly how many kinky couples are out there looking for a third wheel right now.
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Don't believe we can get you laid in record time? Well, don't just take our word for it. We've got millions of happy customers all over the world who've used our quiz to take their sex lives from stale to stellar. Here's what a couple of them have to say:
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I've used every dating site under the sun and I never really had any luck with them. I stuck with the main apps like Tinder and POF, but after I took this quiz, I realized I was looking in the wrong places to find sex. This quiz told me I was much more suited to a few smaller, more specialist sex sites that let me stand out a little more. And I have to say, since I've started using them, my inbox has been overflowing with messages from local chicks!

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I've been trying to find an app that deals exclusively in one night stands for years and I've always come up short. But this quiz threw up a few platforms that I'd never even heard of before. I was hesitant at first, but after giving it a try, I found out it opened up a whole world of sexual possibilities for me. It was a quirky little hookup site with a small but dedicated community, and I've been connecting with about 2 new women a week on average. Honestly, it's changed my sex life completely.

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FAQs About Hookup Sites

Are any hookup sites completely free?

Yes, there are a number of free hookup sites available. Most of the mainstream online dating sites like Tinder, OKCupid and POF are free to use, but there are also a number of lesser known hookup sites that don't charge for a full membership either. The most notable free hookup sites and apps are Reddit R4R, Pure and Bumble.

Are there any casual dating sites that are known scams?

While the majority of dating apps are legitimate platforms to meet real people, there are some noteworthy scam sites out there. The main culprits are: Miss Travel, Luxy, SpeedDate, Hot or Not, Delightful and Sugar Daddy For Me. These hookup apps are scams with nothing but fake users.

What sex sites are free for women?

The most popular free hookup app for women is No Strings Attached. It's a site dedicated to finding casual sex partners and is completely free for women to use. Other sites include: Tinder, Pure, Secret Benefits and Bumble. All of these hookup sites and apps can be used without having to hand over your credit card details.

What personal information do hookup websites collect?

Most dating sites collect a small amount of financial or personal data from their users, usually for ad targeting purposes. The data collected by dating apps ranges from ages, locations, email addresses, interests, hobbies and number of interactions with other users on their platform.